Meet Your Reps

The 2014-15 Student Representative Council was elected in accordance with the bylaws at the General Assembly held on Sept. 18, 2014. Additional student reps were elected at the General Assembly of Feb. 6, 2015. The Council has a non-hierarchical structure, with three seats available for students from each of the four programs represented by DOEIGSA.

How can we improve the student experience at Concordia? What are your concerns? Get in touch with your reps today!


ClintonPingAo.jpgA man of the people, Clinton Hendry is doing his MA in Applied Linguistics. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BA in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing. Afterwards, he did an ACE-TESOL certification course and after a short time made his way to Beijing, China. He spent the last five years living and working there, and he is functional in Mandarin.




EDUCATIONAL STUDIES (incl. Adult Ed diploma program, 3 seats)

emma_watson_in_harry_potter_4-normal.jpgEmilie Salvi (Ed. Studies) is currently our head of both the dark arts club and R.A. for a professor (we dare not speak his name). When not smiting defenseless Freshmen, she enjoys swimming and re-runs of Seinfeld. 



Some say she’s eliminated the last 6 Ed. Studies Reps. Others say that she owns the only Taco Bell in Iqaluit. All we know is she’s Sophie Doyle!



EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (incl. Instructional Tech diploma program, 3 seats)

unnamed.pngJUNESSE CHRISTIAANS is excited to be part of the student association for her second year. Like many students in the department, she has a background that overlaps with many interests and wants to promote more collaboration between programs in the department and the students themselves. Like many students in their second year, she is focused on the importance of communication, participation, and awareness. These factors are needed to build a strong, social community, in which people can openly exchange and develop their ideas. She believes that we can all learn from one another, and that diversity is the key to fostering a more open perspective on an industry that continues to change and grow.


12528661_10153837454263698_1779179294_o.jpgAndreea Floricel (M.A. Educational Technology) is an independent communications specialist and has extensive experience working with cultural associations and NGOs in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. She is currently developing the We Are Gardens project, which aims to bridge sustainability and education.



Mark Kozma is a legend in his own time. He fled the USA after angering both the FBI and the Mafia with his unique ability to convince politicians to give him money for his shady side business’ including running a gambling ring specializing in herding cat races. He comes to Canada to get his M.A. in Educational Technology so as to begin his systematic takeover of Regina.


PhD PROGRAM (3 seats)


Malene Bodington is from Denmark, and has come all the way to Canada to avenge her Father’s murder. Stay out of her way.



Jeannette Novakovich