Meet Your Reps

The 2017-2018 Student Representative Council was elected in accordance with the bylaws at the General Assembly held on September 25th, 2017.

The Council has a non-hierarchical structure, with three seats available for students from each of the five programs represented by DOEIGSA.

How can we improve the student experience at Concordia? What are your concerns? Get in touch with your reps today!

APPLIED LINGUISTICS (3 seats, 1 vacancy)

Grace Labreche

Cynthia Lapierre


Myckhaila Joab

Angelica Restrapo

Alexandra Singer

EDUCATIONAL STUDIES (incl. Adult Ed diploma program, 3 seats)

Marion Barker

Beatriz Hoffman-Kuhntspac

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (incl. Instructional Tech diploma program, 3 seats)

Junesse Christiaans

Alejandra Flores

Xinru Yang


PhD PROGRAM (3 seats)

Yang Gao

Clinton Hendry

Bojana Krsmanović