Meet Your Reps

The 2017-2018 Student Representative Council was elected in accordance with the bylaws at the General Assembly held on September 25th, 2017.

The Council has a non-hierarchical structure, with three seats available for students from each of the five programs represented by DOEIGSA.

How can we improve the student experience at Concordia? What are your concerns? Get in touch with your reps today!

APPLIED LINGUISTICS (3 seats, 1 vacancy)

Grace Labreche

Cynthia Lapierre


Myckhaila Joab

Myckhaila Joab is a first year MA student from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She graduated from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida with a BA (High Honours) in Interdisciplinary Arts (Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing), Psychology, and Human Development. She is a trained musician and actress, and plans to use the arts as a therapeutic tool for children, as she plans to further her studies in Drama Therapy. This year she is also on the committee for the Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education, 2018.

Angelica Restrapo


Angelica is a 2nd year MA student. Her SSHRC-funded research focuses on youth’s moral development in the midst of protracted violence. Prior to attending CU, Angelica completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at McGill. Although this is her first year as DOEIGSA rep, she is looking forward to contribute your CU student life! She will always be happy to chat and answer your questions; don’t hesitate to reach out!

Alexandra Singer

EDUCATIONAL STUDIES (incl. Adult Ed diploma program, 3 seats)

Marion Barker

Beatriz Hoffman-Kuhntspac

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (incl. Instructional Tech diploma program, 3 seats)

Junesse Christiaans


Junesse Christiaans is in her final thesis year in the Education Technology Program. She is a trained Industrial Designer and a licenced and certified English as a Second Language Instructor. Her interests include a focus on adult education and youth studies, curriculum design, and the integration of technology in international schools. She has been involved with the student council since starting her degree and hopes to continue to be an active member of the Concordia community until she graduates.

Alejandra Flores


Alejandra is a certified human resources professional (CHRP) passionate about learning, and diversity in the workplace. She has a breadth of practical experience across industries in the fields of human resources development and staffing. As a part-time MA student in Educational Technology, she understands the challenge of juggling family, work, and grad school, and she will always be happy to help students find answers to their questions.

Xinru Yang


PhD PROGRAM (3 seats)

Yang Gao


The desire to explore and manage various technological resources to facilitate learning and to improve performance has driven Yang to pursue a Doctorate in Educational Technology at Concordia University. She has studied and worked in the fields of language learning, education, and finance in different countries including China, Australia, France and Canada. Yang has diverse research interests: online learning, gamification, serious game, big data, etc. She is also passionate about dulcimer, piano, Chinese folk dance, badminton, and handcraft.

Clinton Hendry


Clinton Hendry is currently a PhD student in the Department of Education in the Applied Linguistics unit. His PhD research is a continuation of his MA in which he evaluated Mandarin tone instruction and learning using different instructional methods. He joined the Department of Education and DOEIGSA in 2015. During that time, he has run countless events and workshops in the DoE, and was Co-chair of the Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education, 2017.

Bojana Krsmanović


Bojana Krsmanović graduated from the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) with both BA and MA in English Language and Literature. During her undergraduate studies she started teaching English; now she is a certified ESL/EFL teacher with several years of experience. Following her interest in researching technology integration in classrooms as well as Maker Culture and DIY, she moved to Montreal two years ago to pursue her PhD in Educational Technology.