Free education

At our February 2015 General Assembly, DOEIGSA members passed the following motion, seeing our association join the historic struggle for quality, accessible education for all:

Whereas education is recognized as a human right in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26, Section 1) and should be accessible at every level to all, regardless of socio-­economic status;

Whereas repeated empirical studies have proven that education-­related costs are a major obstacle to accessibility for a significant portion of the population;

Whereas education-related costs place the burden of debt on individuals who are often just beginning their careers, while throughout their lifetimes the education received by these individuals benefits the society at large;

Whereas publicly-­funded education, like publicly­funded health care, is not a utopian ideal but exists in many countries around the world (including Slovenia, Malta, Mauritius, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Cuba);

Whereas the right to education is a primary concern of the members of the Department of Education Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Association (DOEIGSA);

Be it resolved that DOEIGSA is in favour of free education, including post­secondary;

Be it further resolved that DOEIGSA advocate for free education and collaborate with other organizations that share this position.

This ongoing campaign is just one of the many ways that DOEIGSA serves our members. If you would like to get involved, please speak with one of your student reps.

[updated February 2015]