Department of Education move to the Faubourg

At our April 2014 General Assembly, DOEIGSA passed a motion opposing the Department of Education’s forced move to the Faubourg building, planned for Spring 2015.

DOEIGSA went on to conduct a survey of students in the department in May 2014, finding that a vast majority felt they hadn’t been properly informed of the move and that most were against it. The survey results were revealed at an information session held in September 2014. However, there was consensus at that meeting that the move was likely to proceed despite DOEIGSA’s opposition, and that our best course of action might be to try to work with the Department of Education.

At the Department Council meeting of November 5, DOEIGSA won a seat on the DESC Space Committee, giving student reps a voice in decision-making about the move. On November 18, a letter further detailing DOEIGSA’s updated position and demands was sent to the university’s President, Vice-President Services, and Dean of Students. You can read the full letter here.

DOEIGSA members formally updated our position at the February 2015 General Assembly, passing the following motion:

Be it resolved that under the current circumstances, we update the previous mandate of opposing the move, and as of now we work to increase communication with students, represent members and have voices heard on decision making bodies. Members should also be involved in ensuring that allocated student spaces that have been promised are respected and that access is open and equitable for all students.

Despite our efforts, the Department of Education moved to the Faubourg building in September 2015. However, student reps Meg Grieve, Xin Zeng, and Junesse Christiaans actively oversaw the move. Our demands were supported by the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), which was committed to monitoring the situation and ensuring that the Faubourg building was renovated to meet our needs.

We will continue to ensure the new space is a suitable and comfortable place for DoE students. This ongoing campaign is just one of the many ways that DOEIGSA serves our members.

[updated September 2015]