Student Ed Talks

Are you feeling lost lately? Do you struggle with simple questions such as “What do I actually have to do if I want to graduate one day?”, “Why hasn’t anybody told me what to do if I want to graduate one day?”, or “Where can I get timbits, coffee and tea for free?”

Well your DOEIGSA representatives have the answers to these questions and many more at our Student Ed talks!

To All Students in the Department of Education:

A new mini-series of talks organized by and intended for you will begin Thursday, February 4th at 4:00 PM in FG 5.315.

This monthly series aims to foster a community and mentorships between students who have recently finished their thesis, internship or comp. exam in the Department of Education (APLI, Child Studies, Ed. Studies, Ed. Tech., or Ph. D.) and those students who have not yet undertaken those challenges.

The aim of the talks is to increase awareness of internship and thesis expectations, and to better prepare students for internship reports and thesis writing, and to encourage students to try courses in other programs in the department in hopes of more cross-disciplinary work/projects.

4:00 Introduction of presenters
4:10 Students move into groups around first presenter of their choice
4:15 First presentation
4:35 Students move to second presenter
4:40 Second presentation
5:00 Informal networking and snacks
5:30 End of session

Groups will consist of one speaker and pods of students (½ or ⅓ of those in attendance) in round table discussions where the speaker has time to present their work in more detail and speak about their experience. The speakers will be given specific questions to address in their presentation (about the process). Students in that pod will than have at least 5 minutes to ask their own questions before moving to another speaker.