DOEIGSA fall General Assembly

Members of DOEIGSA,

The semi-annual DOEIGSA General Assembly was held on September 28, 2015.

From that meeting, here are some important pieces of information:

1. The GA was held under moral quorum. (Bylaws, Part 3.3.2) Therefore, any decisions (and elections) are subject to contention for two weeks after the publication of the minutes (sent to all active members by Nadine Wright on October 16, 2015). Decisions can be overturned by 5 or more association members voicing their objections.

2. Elections were held . Two representatives from Ph.Ds (Jeanette Novakovich, and Alicia Piechowiak) were elected, with one seat vacant. Three representatives from Educational Technology (Junesse Christiaans, Andreea Floricel, Mark Kozma) were elected, filling all 3 seats. No candidates presented themselves from Applied Linguistics and Educational Studies.

3. According to the DOEIGSA bylaws (Part 4.1.4), a Special General Assembly will be held within 30 days (October 29, 2015 at 4:30 PM in the Atrium (student lounge) of the Faubourg, FG building) for the purpose of electing representatives from these departments. If there are again no representatives elected, Council shall continue to function. According to Part 4.1.3 of the bylaws, these vacant seats will remain open with an invitation to all members of those departments to fill at the next GA (Winter session).