DOEIGSA Summer Updates

It has been a while since our last update, but the DOEIGSA council has still been busy working for you and your rights in the Department of Education! Here are some updates from the council:

DOEIGSA Continues to Resist Austerity:

While the Department of Education did not go on strike this year, we continue to fight austerity. Now that things are calmer, preparation is being made for the Fall when major unions involved in public services like education will publicly act against the government budget. We hope you now have time to get more involved a bit more in educational initiatives about impact of austerity on our field: Education.

On April 10th we held a General Assembly in which we decided to collectivelly act to resist austerity by means others than striking. Being a small group we need your help to put our ideas into play. Here are 4 actions taking place and the contact information for each organizers:

  • Flash mob / invisible theater: Audrey: audrey_sudouest[at]
  • Website: displaying research and pertinent information about the impact of austerity on our department Emily:esheepy[at]
  • Posters/Print Ephemera of student voices and quotes to occupy administration spaces with words: Haritos:h_kavall[at]
  • Make a film or documentary and/or podcast: This group is discussing how to create a media piece that communicates different voices and topics of interest based on the topics of austerity in Québec and in education: Suzanne:cerreta[at]

DOEIGSA decides not to take a stance against police brutality and the expulsion of 9 students from UQAM:

All decisions taken on April 10th General Assembly were taken on moral quorum, meaning that members presents can participate in the General Assembly and not be prevented from such participation due to a lack of participation from other non-present members. Decisions enacted at Assemblies with moral quorum (instead of quorum) are subject to contention for 2 weeks following the publication of the General Assembly’s minutes, and can be overturned by 5 members sending their disagreement via doeigsa[at]

As we received 5 emails disagreeing with a decision, the following motion was overturned:

Be it resolved that DOEIGSAdenounces the injunctions, expulsions, and police brutality at UQAM, and stands in solidarity with students organizing against austerity at that institution.

Faubourg Move!

The Department of Education has now moved, and can be accessed from 1610 St. Catherine St. West.

What will happen to the FRC in the Faubourg?

Prior to the Winter semester, the FRC manager left and since then the FRC has been run by a group of devoted volunteers that did what they could, even packing FRC for the move. This repeated occurrence is why during the February 6th DOEIGSA General Assembly a mandate was approved to try to establish a partnership between the department and DOEIGSA to run the FRC. DOEIGSA rep decided to postponed this mandate to next team in Fall.

Other updates:

We also worked on student democracy by organizing 4 General Assemblies, fought for student voice in department administration by obtaining a seat on the Department Steering Committee and voiced your concerns on different administrative levels the best we could. It was a busy year for the rep and we hope we were helpful for you. We are still meeting and working during summer to prepare Fall orientation and elections, which means we are looking for new rep. Interested? Wondering about time commitment? Benefits? Contact us for more information: doeigsa[at]

Have a great summer!