DOEIGSA ON STRIKE? Special General Assembly on Friday, March 20

The Student Representative Council has called for a Special General Assembly on Friday, March 20 at 2:00pm in room LB-571-5.

There is only one thing on the agenda for this GA: a motion to join other students on strike against austerity.

Are you in favor of a strike? Against it? Not sure? Your student association is counting on everyone to be there for this important event!

DOEIGSA members will have the opportunity to discuss, debate, amend, and possibly adopt (or reject) the following motion next Friday:

Whereas the Department of Education Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Association (DOEIGSA) has at the core of its mandate “to engage students in social issues, inside and outside university, which are pertinent to education” (DOEIGSA by-laws, Article 1, Section 1.1);

Whereas DOEIGSA voted at its February 6th General Assembly in favour of ‘an official stance against austerity measures’ and to stand in solidarity with other anti-austerity campaigns across Québec;

Whereas so far 30 000 students across different universities and cegeps have voted strike mandates for upcoming weeks, with more associations planning to hold votes;

Whereas student strikes have historically and repeatedly proven their efficacy as a means for social transformation;

Whereas a student strike means the cessation of all academic activities leading to graduation, including going to class, submitting work, and defending a thesis or dissertation.

Be it resolved that DOEIGSA members go on strike for one week from Monday, March 30th to Thursday, April 2nd;

Be it further resolved that DOEIGSA members will contribute to the mobilization against austerity, and participate in the April 2nd demonstration around the theme, ‘Non à un autre budget d’austérité’