DOEIGSA General Assembly Friday, Feb. 6

Your student association’s next General Assembly will be held on Friday, Feb. 6 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in room LB-540.

Proposed agenda:

  1. Approval of chair and secretary
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes from the last GA
  4. By-law revision
  5. Budget
  6. Faubourg move
  7. Friedman Resource Centre (FRC)
  8. Motion against government austerity
  9. Motion for free education
  10. By-election (addition of new student reps)
  11. Name change

Minutes from the last GA in September:

Proposed by-law revisions:

Proposed budget:

The GA will be followed by a social gathering at Kafein (1429A Bishop), where your student reps will be pleased to offer you one free drink and some snacks to thank you for your participation!

For more info, see the announcement we sent to all members by email.